5 Unique things to do in Charleston

Looking for exciting activities in Charleston? Charleston has a rich history that includes American settlement, the era of slavery and the Civil War, and its current status as a thriving cultural centre. As a result, Charleston offers activities for every type of traveller. The best way to reach here is by Allegiant Airlines booking. For decades this place has been an attraction among tourists for some of the most unique and thrilling activities. Here are some fantastic things to do in Charleston which will thrive you with spark.

Ghost Tour

Charleston is a vibrant, artistic, and colourful city, but it also has a strange, dark past. With a turbulent 300-year history, Charleston is one of America’s most haunted cities. Take a tour of haunted locations like the Old Exchange basement while listening to chilling tales of orphan poltergeists and long-time residents who never really left. Then, book Allegiant airlines tickets and take a ghost tour to experience a different kind of task.

Fishing Tour

You’ll venture out into the broad ocean with an experienced skipper and try your hand at reeling in a few fish.

The highly skilled captains follow the fish, even though many chartered fishing cruises find their biggest catches around nearby Lowcountry locations like Kiawah Island or Folly Beach.

Expect to get at least a few nibbles from species like barracuda, triggerfish, and red snapper wherever you decide to anchor. Book Allegiant airlines flight and have some fun on the shores.

Vintage horse-drawn cart

Take a step back in time and give your tired feet a break by riding a vintage horse-drawn cart through the bustling downtown streets. Then, take a spooky tour on a horse-drawn carriage, and the guide will be happy to tell you all about the city’s spine-tingling tales. From dawn till dusk, carriage rides are available, traversing around 30 blocks of Charleston’s most vibrant, historical, and tourist-friendly neighbourhoods. Make sure to book Flight with allegiant airin advance if you are travelling in high season or looking for valid tickets.

Water Sport

HydroFly Watersports has what you’re looking for, whether you need an adrenaline rush or would rather something a little slower and more leisurely. There is an activity for every budget and level of intensity, including boat charters, booze cruises, wakeboarding, and Flyboarding. Whatever you decide to do, it will go down as one of the top things to do in Charleston when you reach here with allegiant air flights.

Speed Boat

A high-octane sightseeing speed boat trip will turn the volume up. During the approximately 2-hour guided trip, visitors may take control of their own private jet boat and navigate the waters at top speed while taking in stunning locations, including the Battery and the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier. Although the speed boats run all year round, it’s a good idea to pack a jacket if you go in the winter. Visit Charleston book an allegiant flight ticket to Charleston. Charleston is most popular place in around the word.

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