A Fashion Pulis Blogger Was Just Arrested on Defamation Charges Filed by Deniece Cornejo

Michael Sy Lim, a gossip blogger, was taken into custody on August 11 for allegedly libelling Deniece Cornejo.

Lim, the proprietor of the celebrity news site Fashion Pulis, was arrested and charged with libel after he suggested in an earlier post that Deniece might be infected with an STD.

His blog post claims its contents come from a Healthway report that was accidentally made public. Denice claimed that actor Vhong Navarro raped her, and the doctor’s report was related to that claim.

The Deniece camp is considering joining Lim’s in complaining to Healthway.

Deniece’s lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, released the following statement to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal):

My client, Ms. Deniece Cornejo, has been vindicated by the arrest of Mr. Michael Sy Lim a.k.a. Fashion Pulis today, and the message sent is that cyberbullying and victim-bashing, in whatever form and from whomever, have no place in civilised discourse.

While the right to free speech is vital to a functioning democracy, it must be practised with caution and respect for women’s privacy and dignity. To exercise a right is not to infringe the rights of others.

Meanwhile, Lim tweeted about his disappointment with the hashtag #FPisFearless:

Here are ten lessons from the industry’s reigning guru of style, Mike Lim

Blogger and social media star Fashion Pulis claims there are benefits to being despised by fans.

Philippines Capital MANILA – Mike Lim, the blogger behind the celebrity gossip site FashionPulis.com, has garnered both fans and haters over the years. A person’s image in the eyes of others, he believes, can’t be changed. Only sincerity and contentment in one’s work are truly important.

Here are some more nuggets of wisdom Mike shared with us on Friday, October 25:

  • If you don’t come out of hiding, no one will take your blog seriously. In order to understand the situation, one must first identify the player(s) involved.

One of the country’s top public relations professors, Mike, believes that a visible person behind a brand or blog is essential to its success. People are less likely to believe you and your stuff if they can’t put a name or face to it.

  • “Being in close proximity to your intended market is crucial.”

Mike frequently interacts with his audience via the internet. He keeps up with them via Twitter and other social media platforms. As of late, he’s also been providing his BBM barcode on Instagram so that his followers can simply contact him. Most of Mike’s readers function as his buddies because they let him know when famous people respond to his blind pieces. Others have even sent him intangible gifts.

  • You can’t really hate someone who secretly likes you. They are essential, and your irrelevance will increase if you do not possess them. As long as there are people, there will be hatred. Don’t pay any attention to them. If you want to avoid someone, just use the block button.

Though there are numerous Twitter accounts devoted to criticising Mike and his blog’s popularity, Mike himself views this as confirmation that he has made it.

  • Don’t exert yourself. Act in an authentic manner.

Mike believes that when it comes to style, it’s best to be authentic. It appears that his guidance is applicable to more than just our wardrobe selections; it can also be applied to our daily life.

  • we all have a hidden basher inside us. We don’t put it on display. The difference is that I am demonstrative about it.

Mike explains that it’s because everyone craves social acceptance. For that reason, we don’t air our grievances publicly. Mike, on the other hand, benefits from honesty since, in his own words, he simply cannot afford to be dishonest. If a customer requests my opinion on their outfit, I’ll tell them if it’s ugly or not. They really respect my candour.

  • ‘Loyalty is a precious commodity,’ as the saying goes.

Mike’s blog regularly receives hundreds of comments. He claims he now need the assistance of a dedicated staff in order to publish, as he is unable to personally review all of the comments they get in advance. He claims that the blog is continuously under attack, thus he needs a trustworthy and incredibly devoted workforce. Today, people can simply go behind your back and damage something you’ve worked hard to build, so Mike is fortunate to have such a devoted group of pals.

  • “This is my blog. Since this is my blog, I can write about whatever I like.

Maintaining personal responsibility for one’s life and possessions is crucial. No one else except yourself should be in charge of your life. Mike has learned how to avoid negativity and pursue his own interests, which has allowed him to live a fulfilled life.

  • Try as I might, I’ve found that it’s best if I keep my feelings to myself. Work is work, no matter how you slice it.

Does he ever feel bad when he causes trouble by publishing false information about celebrities? Mike advises against taking work too personally and staying detached.

  • “Don’t you just love how everyone loves to talk about other people?”

Although Filipinos are stereotyped as gossipy, that’s a trait shared by people of all cultures. Mike was travelling with his mother in Europe when he overheard a group of Australian visitors discussing rumours. After all, it’s a sinful pleasure shared by people of many cultures to learn the details of another’s life.

  • “I’ve always been honest. When I speak, it’s exactly what’s on my mind.

Living an authentic life frees you from stress. When you finally let your true feelings and thoughts out, you won’t have any regrets. If I were to die right now, I tell my pals, I wouldn’t feel any regret since I’ve always been truthful.

Listen to Mike’s entire conversation here:

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