Fun Christmas Activities for the House

The morning before Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year. Whether you’re a child waiting for Santa to come, a parent happy to see your kids’ faces, or a college student returning home for the holidays, Christmas morning brings a rush of happy feelings. The alarm isn’t quite as grating, and your coffee tastes better than usual. Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year, but planning what to do on Christmas day, may be challenging. The truth is that the excitement of opening presents from Santa might pass in the blink of an eye, leaving you with valuable hours of the holiday remaining to savour.

Since most of my family’s Christmas celebrations take place on Christmas Eve, I make sure that we also have something enjoyable planned for Christmas Day. After Christmas morning’s gift opening is done, my family and I host our friends and family for a Christmas brunch that ranks among my all-time favorites. My favorite part of the day is eating fajitas and margaritas at my grandparents’ place, which is followed by a relaxing time of watching a Christmas movie and napping.

However, the landscape wasn’t always this way. My sisters and I used to have unstoppable Christmas day enthusiasm when we were young. They put a digital clock in our room, and our parents had to beg us not to wake them up until there was “a seven at the first” since we still couldn’t tell time. Every year on Christmas Day, my parents had to come up with new ways to keep us occupied. My mother was and still is the undisputed master of imagination, so my siblings and I were never bored. To guarantee that I make the most of the nicest time of the year and to preserve the spirit of the season, I have compiled the definitive list of crazy things to do on Christmas day.

Gift or Act of Charity

  • Repay the favour to someone else. You should probably go through your closet and build a donation pile since you probably got some new things as a gift.
  • Do a good deed for your community by bringing Christmas cookies to the fire station or police station. Despite the fact that the station staff will miss spending time with their loved ones, I look forward to this every year. To see the happiness on their faces was well worth it.
  • Send handwritten notes of gratitude for the presents you were given. Express your gratitude to your loved ones for their kindness. There is the added bonus that this can also be used as a kid-friendly DIY project.
  • Help out at a soup kitchen by serving the hungry. Try to locate a local homeless shelter where you may help serve the holiday meal. Giving is more satisfying than receiving.
  • Give your loved ones and friends a call to wish them a pleasant holiday season. If you can’t be with your family and friends, at least give them a call to let them know they’re in your thoughts. Even a short phone call can brighten someone’s day.

Calming Activities

  • Put on your favourite holiday film (s). Pick up a classic that everyone loves or peruse this list to find a film that no one in your family has seen before.
  • Carry out a face treatment on yourself in the comfort of your own home. Use this as a tip to take a break from your holiday party makeup and put your new skincare gifts to good use.
  • Take a stroll in a wintry landscape. Get some fresh air and exercise to burn off those cinnamon rolls. Slip on your Uggs if you’re in Alaska, or your flip-flops if you’re in Texas.
  • Examine the neighborhood’s holiday displays by car. Enjoy it before you have to put away the wreaths and lights.
  • Start a fire, if you please. On a chilly winter day, nothing beats curling up with a mug of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire.
  • Soak in a hot tub for a while. Make a luxurious bath and take time to celebrate another great holiday season.
  • Make your nails look pretty for the holidays. Look at the current styles in winter nail art and try to replicate one for the holiday party.

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