The Top 10 Real Life Examples of Triangles

The triangle is the most fundamental shape in mathematics. A triangle has three sides and three angles, making it a planar shape. There are many different kinds of triangles, distinguished by the lengths of their sides and the angles they include. Scalene triangles, isosceles triangles, right-angled triangles, etc., are all fundamental triangle shapes. An effective lecture relies on the incorporation of concrete examples that may be easily understood by the audience. The idea behind this is that using real-world examples to illustrate abstract topics helps pupils grasp them more thoroughly. When instructing pupils on the various triangle varieties, it is important to illustrate your point using concrete examples.

In this article, we’ll look 10 Real Life Examples of Triangles

1. Sailing Boat

Sailing Boat

Square sailboats were the norm in the past. Triangular hulls are the standard for modern sailboats. Long-distance navigation by ships is made possible by this triangular design and the tacking method. With this tacking, the ships can proceed forward. You may use the projector to display a triangular sailing boat as an example to the students. You can use charts to demonstrate this triangle in the absence of a projector.

2. Roofs


There are certain homes that do not have triangular roofs. In any case, if you happen to be a resident of a region prone to snowfall, you may have noticed that most homes have triangular roofs. The obtuse triangle is best represented by these roofs. The fact that one of the angles is bigger than 90 degrees is the explanation behind this. Keeping water and snow from pooling over extended periods on rooftops is a primary design goal of such roofs.

3. Ladder


Staircases, ladders, and other means of vertical transportation are standard fixtures in most American homes. As an illustration of the notion of the right-angle triangle, the use of ladders and stairwells can be helpful when explaining the many sorts of triangles. This is because these escalators and ladders are based on the geometry of a right triangle. A right-angle triangle is formed between a ladder and a wall when the ladder is placed against the wall. Students will remember this example of the right-angle triangle for as long as they encounter stairwells and ladders in their daily lives.

4. Sandwiches or Pizzas

Sandwiches or Pizzas

At the start of the school day, most pupils eat lunch, which typically consists of a sandwich or pizza. These foods, including sandwiches and pizzas, come in triangular forms. Your students won’t soon forget this memorable application of the triangle shape you just demonstrated for them. Your pupils will remember the notion of the triangle every time their mothers serve them these sandwiches for breakfast. A variety of sandwich forms are available for purchase. Researchers found that kids preferred triangle-shaped sandwiches over those of various forms. Furthermore, these sandwiches are really convenient. They are also appropriate for students to pack in their lunches. They have lively conversations over these sandwiches whenever they get together.

5. Finding the height of a mountain


The concept of the right-angle triangle is used to the problem of determining a mountain’s height. Another example that can be used to illustrate the proper angle is the calculation of a mountain’s elevation. This is why you’ll need to demonstrate a mountain to your class. You should try to learn how scientists utilise a right-angle triangle to determine the height of the mountain while displaying the picture of it. Students will have an understanding of the practical applications of these geometric shapes as a result of this.

6. Buildings and Towers

Buildings and towers

Most architects and artists nowadays strive to create intriguing and visually appealing structures. Therefore, they need to create structures that are distinct from the norm. The concept of triangles is used in the construction of several buildings. The Eiffel Tower is the finest example of such a structure. The image of the Eiffel Tower can be used to illustrate a point and help pupils grasp the material. You should also explain to the kids how the triangular design of the structure contributes to its durability.

7. Structural Bridges Built with Trusses

Structural Bridges

Truss bridges are built in a triangle configuration. This is because truss bridges serve as sustaining infrastructure. These pillars can evenly disperse the loads from the bridges without distorting their original shapes. When force is put on the rectangular shape of the bridges, these triangular shapes flatten this force. If we don’t incorporate these triangle shapes in the bridges, these bridges will be weak. As a result, these bridges can’t handle the increased force. If your pupils have not seen these bridges, you can also display the images of these bridges to the students.

8. Pyramids


The pyramids are the ancient monuments in Egypt. These pyramids have an unusual tetrahedral shape. These pyramids are quadrilateral in shape. At the summit of the shape, the four pyramidal sides meet at a same point. These shapes are known as the riddles for human beings. In any case, these four sides of the pyramids are forming four equal-sided triangles. Therefore, you can present this practical example of the triangles when you are explaining the concept of an equilateral triangle to the students.

9. Signals for Traffic

Signals for Traffic

Transportation is essential to our daily lives as we constantly travel from one location to another. When moving from one location to another, there are some regulations that must be observed. The laws of the road are spelled out using traffic signs. These road signs are excellent illustrations of equilateral triangles in everyday life. That’s because these road signs have parallel sides of identical length.

10. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

Additionally, the Bermuda triangle serves as a perfect illustration of a triangle. The truth about what happened in the Bermuda triangle has yet to be revealed. This is because odd things seem to happen to ships and planes that come here. Using the Bermuda triangle as an example is another way to explain the three-sided form. Its rationale is that the story of the Bermuda triangle will be engaging for the kids.

Final Words

Acute triangles can be found in a variety of real-world contexts, and you now have ten of them. Many commonplace and structural elements use the form of an acute triangle for the same reason.

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