Top 5 advantages for Businesses Using Missed Call Solutions

A missed call solution allows businesses to call back their customers who reached out to them using a missed call solution. When a customer gives a missed call on the number provided to a business, the call automatically gets rejected after a few rings and the system sends information across to a Live Panel. The database collects the call records without the need for the customers to bear any expenses. The businesses use the database to reconnect with the customer by sending a message later. The missed call solution helps to handle the entire process of gathering the missed call data in a database. The system saves customers time and money while at the same time reducing the agents’ workload as well. It provides a business with valuable time for other necessary services. The database generates comprehensive reports of the calls that include their contact number, name, location, time of call, etc. Later, the representatives can reconnect with the customer with an auto-dialer that connects the business to the targeted audience either through an automated IVR message, a voice bot, or a live agent.

5 Pros of Using MIssed Call Solutions

The top five advantages for businesses using missed call solutions are as follows:

  1. Increase Lead Generation: It is an important part of the sales process for any business as it identifies potential customers which have shown interest in their product or service. Missed call alert service can be used to ensure faster quality lead acquisition by receiving prospect details in real-time for better engagement. To enhance and ensure better customer service, generating leads can gradually help to create a vital customer base. A Missed Call Alert Service can be used when a potential customer calls a business on their dedicated missed call service number, after a single ring the call gets disconnected automatically. The customer instantly gets a confirmation message informing them that the call has been registered and they will get a response soon. 
  2. Use Toll-free numbers with missed call alert service: Integrating toll-free numbers with missed call alert service helps in reaching more customers and expanding market reach to global heights. With zero engagement cost for the customer, they can connect with you at any given time with any number of queries. It is also helpful for customers with technical issues as they can easily get in touch for any service with just a missed call.
  3. Missed Call Service for Opt-ins and Opt-outs: Customers who want to subscribe to a business can choose to opt in by just giving a missed call. Also, customers who want a break or no longer are interested in the business services can opt out by doing the samel. This reduces agents’ work overload and also makes customer engagement easier. Customer subscription can also be enhanced by asking potential customers to leave a missed call, and this can be preceded by an agent calling them back to register for any service, or product, or even to keep them updated with information related to sales/offers/ discounts.
  4. Voting and e-surveys: Missed Call Alert service has made voting and e-surveys much easier and simpler. Voting and e-surveys through messaging takes time and also used to cost messaging charges to the customers. Replacing a message response with a missed call response allows customers even without a mobile phone to participate. After a missed call voting, a customer can get a confirmation notification for participation.
  5. Launch outbound calling campaigns: Missed Call Alert solution can be combined with an outbound calling solution to process targeted messages to customers. An outbound call campaign is part of the telemarketing strategy where agents call the customers and ask questions to get valuable information about their company’s services and products.

The missed call services in India are gaining popularity. With the growth of businesses of different sizes and in the post-pandemic workspace, missed call services in India have been offering great help.  With the demand, there are different features offered through different packages by different missed call solutions providers. Knowlarity is one of the leading cloud communication missed call solution providers. They are very popular for their missed call services in India and reaching the same global heights. The features like real-time updates, analytics dashboard, enhancing interactivity for campaigns, and automated messages are some of the features offered by Knowlarity that makes them one of the most demanded missed call solution providers. A business can choose from many missed call solution providers by spending time on research as to which providers offer the best features at an economic cost.

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